Inspired from the earthy palates and the lush green foliage, Solino has created a niche of its own. We believe in the culmination of the unnatural. Where the purity lies in the material, the craftsmanship is purely technical. The coarseness of brown, the soothing shades of green and the finish to perfection contemplates the mystic epitome of nature. For Solino, fashion and craftsmanship goes hand in hand. The concoction of quality and style is what surmises Solino as a brand.

MEN’S & Women’s

Breathing amidst colour palette, brush stroke and textures, Solino has amalgamated passé with contemporary. The use of the purest form of cotton and linen to create the exclusive statement of fashion is what an aesthete dreams of. Following the latest trend of post-modernization, Solino has created most unique selection of attires for those who live for fashion.

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When the brights meet the subtles a vibrancy is created.


The artist pours his heart in creation, so do we.


Creating and recreating from the passé to give it a taste of exquisite.


Feel of crispness. The Fall of elegance. The sharp lustrous Texture.

Art of Making Natural Fabric